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A Conservative and Welcoming Jewish Learning Environment
Many Jewish families in Toronto will choose to enroll their children in a private Jewish day school. The benefits of receiving an education from one of these private schools is obvious, the child receives an excellent education while also forming a solid foundation for Judaic studies.
For conservative Jewish families, the warm and welcoming family learning environment promoted by the top private Jewish schools is an easy choice. They can rest assured that their child is receiving a learning experience that is tailored to individual learning styles while learning exactly what it means to be Jewish. This includes learning the prayers, testaments and other vital elements of Judaism that make up the Jewish lifestyle.
Enroll Early for Maximum Benefits
When the choice is made to enroll your child in a private Jewish school it is important that you start the enrollment process as early as possible. Many families begin the enrollment process when their child is as young as two or three years old. Private Jewish day schools typically offer programs for children from junior kindergarten up until grade eight.
Some of the more reputable schools also offer early year programs (ages 4 & 5) that are designed to socialize younger children and provide an early introduction to Judaic teachings. These programs are beneficial in preparing children for the learning experience they will encounter when they eventually begin the day school programs.
All of the learning programs are designed to promote a deeper understanding of the general and Judaic materials presented. Critical thinking is encouraged at all points and students are given the learning tools necessary to apply the knowledge they have acquired to all types of new situations. All elements of the day school experience are in place to prepare students for a lifetime of continued Jewish learning in a changing world.
Education and Global Responsibility
In addition to achieving academic excellence, students are also shown the benefits of becoming globally responsible individuals. This is accomplished through school projects involving charity work and other worthy causes. Children are shown the importance and value of practicing Menschlichkeit and becoming ethical leaders lending time to meaningful experiences.
The social responsibilities and teachings are structured in a manner that illuminates the duties and benefits that are a part of a Jewish life. This involves the importance of maintaining a love and connection to the state of Israel through prayers, blessings and observances of mitzvoth and other Jewish customs.
Choosing the Best Private Jewish School
It is important to consider different criteria when looking for a private Jewish school for your child. Some of the most important elements to consider include:
  • Location – most families prefer a school that is within walking distance to their home. The top schools have a location in predominantly Jewish neighbourhoods in Toronto.
  • Reputation – a reputation of excellence will set one school apart from all others ensuring the best student and parental experience.
  • Arts programs – a wide variety of arts programs should be available to promote creativity and help connect students to their orld.
Choosing the best private Jewish school in Toronto will ensure that your child receives the knowledge and strong foundation of Judaism to serve them for a lifetime of continued Jewish learning.
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Bathurst Campus Location:
1700 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M5P 3K3
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